This is the blog at Logo Design Wichita the blog of Tracy Holdeman. Tracy is a graphic designer in Wichita, KS specializing in exceptional logo design, corporate identity and branding across all graphic platforms – website design, social media design, print design, advertising design and environmental design. In a world of overwhelming consumer choice and 24/7 marketing messages bombarding us the average logo design and branding will not be effective. Different is good. Different and relevant is great. Different, Relevant, and perfectly executed is the best. For more information or just a conversation call me at 316 262 0085 or e-mail

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The logo design is two arrows interacting with the negative space creating an “N”. The simplicity is what makes the brand logo engaging. The consumers eye and mind fills in the empty space, like a light bulb turning on inside the brain the viewer realizes the logo has just acted out the company name. 



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Simple logo design


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