Craig Sharp Homes a home builder in the Wichita, KS area. Craig Sharp Homes is known for beautifully crafted and artistically design home. The main menu is down the left side while another menu across the top explain what makes Craig Sharp Homes different.

The website design and build for Craig Sharp Homes was part of a total brand re-design. For Craig Sharp Homes we developed a brand promise, brand positioning, logo design, tag-line, business card, letterhead, and envelop design, sign design and website design. His tag-line, Building a vision of home", lush textures and precise lines fulfill an image of unique craftsmanship and artistry of design. As part of the website design we developed the content including SEO copy writing. We also designed and built the Craig Sharp Homes website with search engine optimization (SEO) for excellent Google rankings. ranks number two out of 973,000 results on Google keyword search "home builder wichita area".

Tracy Holdeman is Executive Creative Director of Whisper and Insight Design Communications. You can also see Tracy’s logo design, graphic design, brand design and website design work at


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