The Z Hair Academy website design had a variety functions and desired outcomes. Z Hair Academy wanted to replace pay-per-click advertising that cost thousands of dollars a month with organic search results or natural search results, inform prospective students and allow them to enroll online and make it easy for the Z Hair Academy staff to manage, change and update the web site.

We developed a Content Management System (CMS) website that enabled Z Hair Academy to manage, change and keep the Z Hair Academy web site up-to-date and relevant. We also informed and educated Z Hair Academy how to manage their own Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We designed a website with dynamic web pages. (Dynamic web pages are websites that are generated at the time of access by a user or change as a result of interaction with the user and dynamic web pages are a fundamental part of Web 2.0 which facilitates information sharing across multiple websites.) The Z Hair Academy website design also has an online catalog so prospective students can discover and learn about what Z Hair Academy has to offer, and with the web based enrollment form Z Hair Academy can fill classes without even the cost of paper. The Z Hair Academy web site also includes an easy to update online events calendar which is a great way to inform prospective students and an excellent way to bring visitors back to the website again and again. Furthermore, the website has a photo gallery that allows Z Hair Academy to upload photos and create new sets so they can showcase visiting instructors like Sally Rogerson. The website gallery also makes it easy for Z Hair Academy to share special events, products, new hairstyling techniques, new hair styles and the latest fashion shifts.  The Academy can also upload pre-designed coupons which keeps Academy customers coming back to the website and back to get styled, cut and colored. We also made Z Hair Academy website design social, with easy click to share buttons. The Z Hair Academy website design is a living tool that helps The Academy stay one step ahead of the crowd.

The Z Hair Academy website design is doing well already with organic search or natural search results. For example, Google keyword search for "hair academy Kansas' Z Hair Academy website design shows up three times on the first page of Google search results at #2, #3 and #5 out of 12,600,000 results. Google keyword search for "hair academy Lawrence' Z Hair Academy website design shows up three times on the first page of Google search results at #1 out of 12,800,000 results. Bing keyword search for "hair academy Kansas' Z Hair Academy website design shows up  on the first page of Bing search results at #2 out of 55,700,000 results.(Search engines usually offer two types of search results to their customers: Pay-Per-Click results--typically at the top or on the side and organic or natural results. While Pay-Per-Click  results can get your Web site to rank higher for a specific keyword phrase (because you've paid to be high in the results), most customers consider these results to be little better than advertising, and will often skip over them in favor of the natural or organic search results.)

Insight Design Communications develops highly visual and functional website designs, logo design and brand development. and are website designs of Tracy Holdeman. His Insight Design Communications studio is located in Wichita, KS.

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JunkPro is a professional junk removal business that we completely re-branded from logo to website design. The website design allows JunkPro to change and update easily with a content management system (CMS). Our client even can adjust his complex online consumer scheduling from his phone. We also designed and built the JunkPro website with search engine optimization (SEO) for excellent Google rankings. ranks number one on Google keyword search " junk removal wichita" and number one on Google local listings keyword search " junk removal wichita". The website design is quick to navigate, easy to understand and engages the consumer immediately with key information and a simple call to action. So now that our client is number one on Google the website design also moves customers to act.

Logo Design Wichita, the website of Tracy Holdeman and his team. Also see for more of Tracy Holdeman's work. For websites exceptionally branded, geared for search engine optimization (SEO) success and beautifully designed websites call or e-mail us. We specialize in website design, graphic design and logo design.


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