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Logo design, website design meeting in NYC.

Logo design is my normal activity when I'm in New York City and this time was no exception. On this business trip to NYC I met with Myron Mixon, a different kind of client, the three time world BBQ champion, to finalize the details of his logo design and website design. But I also got to have some fun too. Just walking through the NYC streets is an adventure and taxi rides are always entertaining but one of my favorite experiences was MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. 99% of all tourist places disappoint but MoMA was amazing. My jaw hung open most of my time in the museum. World famous art, after world famous art absolutely blew me away. See the photos….




Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night.
It was actually sloppy, not even finished to the edges. Made me wider if that could be used to give a logo design or website design a more spontaneous feel.




Pablo Picasso's Guitar is attached with straight pins.


This all reminded me that 'Different is Good", really good.

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